Something Architected

  1. Workspaces
    Collections of apps and data within a pillar of context
  2. Apps
    units of capability that are defined by discrete, consistent records
  3. Records
    A medium to longterm container of fields and data
  4. Entries
    Short to medium term, highly unstructured data
    Structured ways to present records (and maybe entries)
  6. Schema
    Shared, global descriptions of common data practices
  7. Fields
    Highly structured data with defined parameters
  8. Relationships
    Containers that related to each other through specific values
  9. Filters
    Queries performed on a record set as defined by given fields
  10. Visualizations
    High-level non-linear summaries of larger data sets
  11. Calculations
    Mathematical queries/summaries of records
  12. Users
    People who are the subject of data or access
  13. Share
    Access that’s defined proactively or reactively as driven by context
  14. Annotations
    Human-driven value-added context
  15. Devices
    Physical hardware for accessing systems
  16. Navigation
    Way finding to traverse through contexts and views
  17. Messages
    Information that informs a user of an action
  18. Identity
    A way of federating a user as defined by data
  19. Interfaces
    Pointer modes for the system
  20. Evaluations
    Machine-driven observations
  21. System
    Something architected
  22. Action
    Verbs that happen to data at a timestamp
  23. Code
    Instructions and language for a machine
  24. Machine
    A human-driven invention that executes code
  25. Context
    Channels of data as defined by the limits of cognition
  26. Human
    An organic, conscious, and dynamically driven machine