On feeling like crap

Ben Franklin got it all wrong. Nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes, and feeling like crap. You’ll feel like crap at least once in your life—it’s part of human experience.

Below, you’ll find a helpful guide that explains when it’s appropriate to feel like crap and when it isn’t.

Good things to feel crappy about:

  • losing a family pet or loved one
  • not following through
  • divorce
  • therapy
  • the plight of your neighbors
  • salads
  • bankruptcy

Bad things to feel crappy about:

  • feeling unattractive
  • fear of missing out
  • travel interruptions
  • this blog post
  • election losses
  • gossip
  • a bad night’s sleep
  • potato chips
  • boring dates
  • the new york city subway schedule