Eat more vegz

I started obsessing about vegetables a few years ago and that love eventually led me into vegetarianism. After experimenting with different foodstyles (aka food lifestyles), I found that vegetables, when they closely resemble what comes from the ground, are the most intriguing, varied, and rich food group.  I’m vegetarian mainly out of culinary expression—vegetables are

Sturgeon: 90% of everything is crap

Khao Niao serves the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve tried countless Pad Thai around the Omaha Metro and in various cities when traveling—none come close. Khao Niao’s is the best. Maybe Sturgeon agrees.

Alignment with way less push

This morning routine feels so good. And that’s great. It’s good to feel this good, sustainable, and grateful. So much of the rhetoric for life is about the things we don’t push ourselves to do. That word, push, isn’t very helpful because we interpret it the wrong way. We think of push as force, power,

On will

Not this Will. Will is a finite resource. Once you use it up it’s gone. The only thing that that resets it sleep (and maybe sex). The opposite of will is what rebuilds it. Opposites attract in that way (recursively). Be careful with your will. If you use too much of it for too long

Finding Identity in Arugula

Leafy greens are important to me. Vegetables form a significant portion of my diet, and leafy greens are a great base for any dish. I particularly enjoy earthy, root vegetables because there’s a starchiness about them that is very satisfying. Beets reign supreme. A couple weeks ago, I enjoyed an arugula salad. I’ve been in