Hardly noticing

By: Jack Sellwood
Posted: October 07, 2023

It starts as a phone call and maybe another

A text or two to different people

A friend, coworker, someone new.

The conversation that keeps wiggling in thru the cracks.

“I was just telling someone else about it,” you explain.

Despite the repetition you don’t pickup on it

You remember repeating it. The same conversation with different people but you don’t realize it.

But then it hits you

And you realize what’s been happening and begin to uncover its meaning—why it keeps coming up.

It stops you in your tracks

Uh oh. This meaning, it has meaning.

Your realization turns to worry—no not worry—eagerness and then excitement.

Your minds eye has a picture now—for where all these conversations are leading.

You dive into the dungeons of your mind

Stoke the fire, breathe some life into it.

And before you know it the embers produce enough light so you can peer out and look around.

You see new passageways and the compass in your chest pangs.

In one direction. And then another.

Then it settles. Pulling out, pointing out—in one direction

And you decide to follow.

The warmth of the fire follows you. Encouraging you on your quest.

And for the first time in a while you’re on your way

Heading out. Looking out. Feeling out. Loving it. Loving you. Loving them. Loving all. A little spark.