Alignment with way less push

By: Jack Sellwood
Posted: February 21, 2021

This morning routine feels so good. And that’s great. It’s good to feel this good, sustainable, and grateful.

So much of the rhetoric for life is about the things we don’t push ourselves to do. That word, push, isn’t very helpful because we interpret it the wrong way. We think of push as force, power, exertion over friction. All things that ask us to separate from ourselves, dip into our reserves, and encourages us to skip our emotions.

Some amount of push is required. But in the public forum, we interpret this too aggressively to mean something bigger than we need. It’s not push that we need—it’s alignment. We might find more energy, passion, and joy from a life that’s aligned rather than pushed.

Alignment is a balance of internal and external change that leads down a destination-less path. The intention becomes: I seek alignment in my morning routine. Focus on finding that alignment not the morning routine. Experiment with changing yourself a bit and looking at the world for a bit of support. Give and take and explore where alignment might live.

You’d probably like to live there too.